Support Zilean

As you can know, Zilean is a very good AP champ . Probally you wanna play him AP at mid! Well, that’s a good choice in most of the cases.. But you can play him as support on bot lane with AD carry.


- You don’t let the other AD carry farm.

- You got speed or slow to ganks.

- Anoying harrassment early game ( no AP need ) .


- No farm, so you can’t buy expensive AP items.

- Kinda useless if your AD carry is bad.

How to start?

Pick cv and flash; 0/9/21 .

Start with 1 ward, 1 red pot and 2 faerie charm.

Put the ward in your ” gank bush ” at 3min. Always CV the enimie jungle.

You can’t farm. You just bomb their AD carry! In the moment he’s going to last hit, so he loses creeps.

When your jungler is going to gank, slow hard someone! Cv the bushs! Let your AD carry get the kill.

Are you gettin ganked? Ok! SPEED YOUR AD CARRY AND DIE IF NEEDED!

Buy always ward!

At lvl 12 you should have: Philosopher’s Stone; Tear of the Goddess; Boots of Speed and a oracle.

Final build: Will of the Ancients; Philosopher’s Stone; Archangel’s Staff; Mejai’s Soulstealer; Sorcerer’s Shoes;

Now.. For the last item, I recommend Banshee’s ! But this spot is always important for wards and that stuff, since you are a support. So don’t buy nothing if you really need wards.

Hope you like this guide!


18, October de 2011
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